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1155 GH/ Used S5. Good condition shipped from US farm
$ 149.95
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3.5THs Avalon 6. Batch 2. Ships within 24 hours. 5 Day Door to Door from China to You. In stock.
From $ 799.99
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Next Generation Antminer S7 4.73 TH/s 1,293 watts. Bundled with 1600 watt 208-240 volt power supply. Ships within 5 days
$ 749.95 $ 1,699.95
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I did a decent sized buy from ZoomHash recently and everything went really well. Great communication and no funny business. Just wanted to add my experience to the thread, good guys here. ~ quakefiend42

Without question one of the best sellers at the moment. ~ achtung082

As far as honesty goes Zoomhash is as honest as they come. Prices cant be beat either. ~ vabchgent

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We guarantee same day shipping from our warehouses in USA unlike our competitors that take 2-4 weeks to ship from Asia.For bulk orders contact us. We have sold over 1000 GPUs and ship internationally.


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