9 Best Ethereum dApps: Top ETH Blockchain Decentralized Applications?


9 Best Ethereum dApps: Top ETH Blockchain Decentralized Applications?

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Ethereum (ETH) is the leader in smart contracts and DApps (Decentralized Applications). Today, it is home to more than 90% of the world’s DApps and smart contracts. A figure that will surely continue to grow.

DApps are decentralized applications where no entity has the power to control that application because it is deployed in a distributed general ledger, i.e. in Ethereum’s blockchain.

Many DApps will be successful and have widespread use cases, so the idea of introducing you to some of the DApps that are succeeding today seems like a good idea. If you want to learn more about Dapps, here’s a detailed guide to: What are decentralized applications (DApps)?



9 Best dApps On The Ethereum Platform

1. Ethlance

Ethlance is like Upwork, that is, a job market. However, unlike Upwork, Ethlance is a decentralized marketplace for job advertisements and hiring freelancers housed in Ethereum’s blockchain.

What makes it more interesting and transparent is that it does not charge a registration fees or contract work commission as it is fully decentralized. The platform can operate sustainable with a 0% service rate, as is clear from the fact that the number of transactions between self-employed and employers is never reduced.

2. CryptoKitties

The CryptoKitties application, a blockchain-powered game, is also hosted on the Ethereum network.

CryptoKitties is a new game or application that gives its users access to digital cats that they can buy, sell or breed. As such, these kittens are actually crypto collectible.

Like every BTC or ETH, every cryptokitty is also unique.

For example, in December, the biggest sales were valued between 200 and 253 ETH. Collectors were very excited about the platform, but at the moment, the volume got reduced more than 97%.

3. Aragon

Aragon is a very interesting and special project about the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of a platform or DApp to build and manage decentralized autonomous organizations popularly known as DAOs.

The concept of DAO can be applied to any organization, company, non-profit organization or foundation, to provide an additional level of transparency and more effective governance of these entities. It also helps to curb unnecessary middlemen who can be replaced by governable ethereum smart contracts..

The Aragon platform is powered by its native ANT token that can be buyed at Bittrex if you wish to participate in the future of the project.

4. uPort

uPort is an identity management platform. This is a project supported by ConsenSys that aims to streamline digital identity in order to stop identity and data theft.

This Dapp considers your mobile as an extension of your own being and when you first set up your uPort, it obtains data from your mobile with your permission and writes to the Ethereum smart contract which can then be shared by users as and when necessary.

You do not currently have a native token but it may be a possibility in the near future.

5. Gnosis

Gnosis DApp is in its beta phase but can be used for predictions. It is a platform hosted on the Ethereum network and is designed to function as a predictive marketplace.

For example, let’s say you want to know the market prediction of a football match or an exclusive international auction. So Gnosis can help you find the answers to difficult questions, as well as discover the prices.

It has its native GNO token that allows you to vote and is available in Bittrex.

6. Prism

Prism is a decentralized and unreliable ShapeShift asset wallet market hosted on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Through Prism, every single individual can invest ETH in different cryptocurrencies and specify its share percentage.

As it is based on smart contracts it is not necessary to manage passwords or seeds of several exchanges or wallets to manage your own crypto wallets.

It also displays your investment wallet in a large user interface and automatically tracks it in real time. The Prism DApp is currently in beta phase.

7. Radex

Radex is a decentralized zero pay exchange for Ethereum tokens (ERC20) and an exchange for the ERC223 token standard.

Also is the first power plant to adopt the Saturn protocol, a decentralized DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) power plant for all EVM blockchains.


IDEX is another decentralized exchange within the Ethereum network. Here you can buy, sell and store Ether and ERC20 tokens at IDEX.

You can also use IDEX with MetaMask or Ledger Nano S as wallets to further enhance your security while using this exchange.

It is important to remember that while registering with IDEX, don’t forget to keep your final phrase/password/private keys safe because that is the only thing that will help you restore your funds.

9. Golem

Golem, so to speak, is the airbag of computers. Through the Golem platform, you can harness the computing power of other computers that are far away from you and even lend your computing power to someone who needs it.

You can think of it as a decentralized supercomputer or a marketplace where you can buy or sell the extra computing power you have.

Golem supercomputers will run when the user pays in native GNT tokens. These tokens will be given to people who have rented their additional computing power on the Golem network.

The project is in beta and LIVE on Ethereum’s mainnet, so if you want to buy something from GNT you can do it at Bittrex.

The company is located in Poland but it has experts from all over the world and a big support from different cryptocurrency figures.

9 Best Ethereum dApps Conclusions

An unprecedented increase in the development, operation and maturity of DApps is expected by 2018. And with ETH scaling solutions like Sharding, Ethereum is expected to lead this revolution. It will also be important to evaluate how the network will react to different challenges such as the growth of new platforms like EOS, Tron or NEO.


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