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So let’s begin with this and introduce AID:Tech, a company that is focused on blockchain solutions for the world’s arising issues. Taken from their “about us”, they were the first company to deliver aid to Syrian refugees completely transparently by using blockchain technology.  No other company as matched blockchain solutions like this.


“AID:Tech focuses on the delivery of digital entitlements, such as aid, welfare & remittance, using Blockchain technology & Digital Identity.”


Joseph Thompson, CEO and co-founder of AID:Tech, took part in the founding of the organization to help bring transparency and legitimacy to the distribution of aid, something of which has never really been around in that sector, transparency. He says that this decision was prompted by his own experience with charitable fraud and disorganization. Props to you Joseph Thompson for taking action.


Some amazing news that AID:Tech has presented that we mentioned in our first paragraph, is in December 2015, they provided international aid using blockchain technology to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. With this, a great example of blockchain security is how their program detected an attempt to defraud beneficiaries of food vouchers, and the blockchain automatically and promptly fixed the issue while invalidating the unethical users of the program.


In Tanzania, AID:Tech is working with the organization PharmAccess to identify pregnant women to provide them with the aid they need. With this, it gives each pregnant woman a digital identification that allows them access to pregnancy vitamins like folic acid, and tracks the progress of their pregnancy via the blockchain. All the way from the registration into the program, to the end of their pregnancy. The first baby to ever be born on blockchain was on the 13th of July, 2018, and it was not the last. More babies were “born on the blockchain” on the 19th of July, 2018.


Not only is AID:Tech helping in various sectors, they are helping in various countries. You can tell they are dedicated to providing people with the aid they deserve.


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