New Drug Wipes Out Malaria In A Single Dose — But There’s One Hitch

“The world now has a potent, new weapon against malaria — one that can wipe out the parasite from a person’s body with a single dose.

But before many people around the world can use it, scientists have to overcome a big obstacle.

On Friday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a drug to cure a type of malaria that’s been hard to stop. Called Plasmodium vivax, the parasite can hide out in a person’s liver for months and cause multiple rounds of malaria — even after being treated. Some people can have more than a dozen lapses.

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Coinbase Offering Gift Cards

Coinbase is selling new gift cards that you can purchase with cryptocurrency. They are loaded with fiat currency but can be purchased with crypto! Not something new to the industry, but a nice addition for Coinbase.

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UK-based Cryptocurrency Exchanged Teaming Up

A UK-based cryptocurrency exchange has chosen to join the fight against market manipulation, alongside Coinbase and Gemini! This exchange is Coinfloor.
There method for fighting? Score. A program developed by Trading Technologies. Score uses AI to detect market manipulations and other anomalies. Something we hope to see many other exchanges implement!

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Special Hardware Sale!

Greetings from Zoomhash, we are selling various packages of hardware and turn-key colocation hosting. We are offering whole miners, and individual hardware. The miners/hardware are tested and fully functioning by our trained technical staff. Read More


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