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    We launched [url][/url] today.
    My team and I run a 600 GPU farm and were frustrated with the lack of quality for mining parts. So we set out to source the best cords and ship them to you at the fastest and lowest price possible.
    Some of you might know me as GPUminer on Ebay:
    We have launched this site and will launch a lot more products soon. Such as the following:
    1. A $75 Motherboard with CPU attached that can mine 4 GPUs safely with no powered risers. (We hated attaching extra cords to each gpu riser :o)
    2. USB pcie risers. We just received samples from 5 factories and will test them out to stock the best quality and lowest price ones.
    3. Any bulk purchases of GPUs of 20 or more. We ship to ANY country via Air Freight (1-3 Days). The cost are quite low, you can do an estimate via ups air freight.  We have already shipped 1000s of GPUs to Europe for a fraction of the price you pay locally.
    4. Pretty much anything anyone needs in bulk, we can give you the best price and service. Over the years we developed really good relations with MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, etc.... their headquarters are 10 minutes away from us. 
    Get 5% off with coupon code: Zoomhash


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I did a decent sized buy from ZoomHash recently and everything went really well. Great communication and no funny business. Just wanted to add my experience to the thread, good guys here. ~ quakefiend42

Without question one of the best sellers at the moment. ~ achtung082

As far as honesty goes Zoomhash is as honest as they come. Prices cant be beat either. ~ vabchgent

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We guarantee same day shipping from our warehouses in USA unlike our competitors that take 2-4 weeks to ship from Asia.For bulk orders contact us. We have sold over 1000 GPUs and ship internationally.


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