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  • Hosting for Innosilicon

Tired of having to worry about electricity prices and the upkeep of your miner? Well we have a solution for you! Introducing ZoomHash Hosting

We take your Innosilicon A2 Terminators and A2 Megas and host it in our datacenter for a low monthly fee and maintain it for you.

All you have to do is supply us with the pool, username, worker name, password and we will set your parameters for you and keep the software up to date to hash for you! 


This service will not be available until 3/10. Pre-reserve now to receive a 10% discount with discount code presale.


I did a decent sized buy from ZoomHash recently and everything went really well. Great communication and no funny business. Just wanted to add my experience to the thread, good guys here. ~ quakefiend42

Without question one of the best sellers at the moment. ~ achtung082

As far as honesty goes Zoomhash is as honest as they come. Prices cant be beat either. ~ vabchgent

Check out our thread!


We guarantee same day shipping from our warehouses in USA unlike our competitors that take 2-4 weeks to ship from Asia.For bulk orders contact us. We have sold over 1000 GPUs and ship internationally.


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