Esports Related Projects Are Becoming More Popular

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“Gods Unchained” A new Esports project launched on the Ethereum network

Esports is a massive industry by itself, currently gamers account for 66% of the United States population as per


Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained began as the game Etherbots, one of the most popular games ran on the Ethereum main-net. All of the data from Etherbots is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and was sent by one large transaction. Fuel Games, the developers of Etherbots and Gods Unchained decided to go about launching their new game on the network differently.

Having Gods Unchained only partially on-chain gives it some advantages. The Ethereum network cannot quite handle the load of some of these applications, as we saw with the CryptoKitties launch. Having it only partially on-chain allows data to be processed on the blockchain in segments rather than all at once.


Coinbase Support

Fuel Games received funding from Coinbase Ventures to fund the development of their new game Gods Unchained. The fact that an entity as large as Coinbase is willing to contribute and lend a hand to these developers is huge.

This is only the beginning of Esports on blockchain!

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