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A2 And Mini A2 Software Setup

Hey everyone, if you're having some problems setting up the A2 Terminator or the Mini A2, this guide is for you!

First off, know that the A2's come with a pre-assigned IP Address from the factory, so if you are on a different subnet than the one that is printed on the label on your A2 then you will need to reflash your sd card. You can find the image to reflash it right here:




If you need help reflashing, just look at one of our other guides such as the Raspberry Pi update guide, that will get you through the flashing process.

1) Once you setup the A2 you will need to find it on your router or go to the pre-assigned IP Address that is on the label, simply enter this IP into any browser and this will take you to the web-based interface.

2) Now that your at the web interface DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING RELATED TO THE NETWORK SETTINGS we have had numerous reports of customers needing to reflash their sd card because they accidentally clicked on this button (in fact we've done it ourselves more than once). 

3) Make sure to STOP your A2 By clicking the CGMINER SETTING CONFIRM button, make sure that it says STATUS: STOP

4) After this all you have to do is enter your pool information and then click CGMINER SETTING CONFIRM once again, to make the status, STATUS: RUN

If you have any problem's please consult this webm video of how I setup our A2's in house:

As always if you have any problems are just want to ask any questions before getting setup go ahead and send us an email.

Happy Mining




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