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CGMiner for Windows

Hello, if you wish to use CGMiner with Windows we have made a guide for you. But please note that we cannot support this endeavor any further than this, and we will not be held responsible for any damage that comes to your computer or products by following this guide as we only support the Raspberry Pi:
1) You need to get some downloads, a custom CGminer, and a Zadig Driver converter, there are provided here:
2) After you have downloaded these two things, extract them, and plug in your Blade into your computer. Once you have plugged in the blade to the computer, open up the Zadig.exe you just downloaded, and click options at the top, and click list all devices. The blade should come up as some sort of COM port, select the COM port from the drop down menu and after you do this hit replace driver. What this will do is replace the driver on the computer to a WinUSB driver and not a COM driver.
3) Now that we have the correct driver installed we need to setup CGMiner, to do this extract the software you have just downloaded, and right click the file the says LTC only and click edit, you can setup your config similar to this: 
cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u zoomhash.1 -p password --gridseed-options=baud=115200,freq=850,chips=5 --hotplug 5
If you want to add a blade make sure to make a copy of this folder, and in that copy change the chips to 40, then run that individually.
make sure to change the pool information and the login and worker information, save the changes you have made to the file and close it.
4) Now that you have finished configuring the CGMIner, you can double click the program we just edited (LTC Only) and it will open CGMiner with the configuration you just did.
After all this you should be up and running


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