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Gridseed ASIC Setup Guide

So you want to setup one of your Gridseed ASICs but you don't know how, well this guide is just for you!
This is an example of what a Gridseed looks like when it is completely set up, with a computer power supply.

So let's start with the Raspberry Pi:

You need to plug in the SD Card that is provided into the Pi, the SD Card holds our software that was made especially for these Gridseed ASICs. After You have plugged in the SD Card plug in the Ethernet cable (Not included) and one of the USB Cables that is a Mini USB into the Pis standard USB port. After you do that plug in the Pi's power supply USB cable it is the Micro USB that plugs into the opposite side of the standard USB and ethernet, !!!but make sure not to plug in the power yet!!!!. Your finished Pi should look like this:

After you have done the Pi it's time to setup the ASIC. To set up the ASIC all you have to do is plug in the USB cable that is coming out of the Pi (the one by the ethernet cable), and then plug in the power cable  (12V to 6 pin PCI-e Molex Connector) that is shown. Make sure you don't turn on the power supply yet. Here's what your ASIC should look like after you have set it up:

Then you have set up the ASIC it's time to plug in the power to the ASIC, make sure to shut off the power supply before doing this. Plug the 6 Pin PCI-e Molex into a PCI-e power cable that is
coming out of your PSU, it will look like this:

Next it is time to JUMP your power supply so that you can power the ASIC without having to have the PSU with a motherboard. To do this you need to follow this guide: Here's what it looks like setup:

Now it's time to start the power supply, !!!but don't start the Raspberry Pi yet!!! After you turn on your power supply let the ASIC sit for up to 1 minute, and make sure the fan is spinning. After this minute you can plug in your Raspberry Pi into its power supply and load up our software.

Once the Raspberry Pi has booted, type in "./" without the quotes to start setting up your ASIC. After that just follow the on screen instructions and you should be fine!
Thanks for buying an ASIC we hope we can continue business with you!


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