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Make Money with Bitcoin Cloud Mining!

What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Cloud Mining is the newest way for users to mine Bitcoin. Previously in order to mine you would buy a computer and receive Bitcoin based on how much your machine could produce. This made it hard for individuals to earn a return because as everyone knows "It takes money to make money" and big companies could out spend the little guy thereby taking more than their share of the Bitcoin. But now with ZoomHash we give YOU the power. We have purchased massive amounts of the latest ASIC hardware, signed agreements with a Hydro-Electric power plant and we pass our savings on to you. In fact by using ZoomHash Cloud Mining you may receive substantially more Bitcoins than if you bought the equipment yourself, and the best part is YOU DONT HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER! We do the mining for you and pay you each and every day. You just wake up in the morning (Or in the afternoon if you like to sleep in!) and when you wake up the Bitcoin is in your wallet!

Who are we?

ZoomHash was founded in June of  2012 as a hardware reseller. Over the past two years we have delivered over $20 Million in equipment to professional Bitcoin and Litecoin miners. We were awarded the prestigious Shopify 2014 #1 Company of the year in August. Starting now we are taking our years of expertise and making it available to you! We are removing all of the hard work and complexities out of Bitcoin Mining. Instead of becoming a computer geek you can mine Bitcoin without lifting a finger! 

Start earning bitcoin today in two easy steps

1 Select one of our 3 Cloud Mining Options Below

2 Wakeup and login to see how much Bitcoin we mined for you!

Cloud Mining Packages

  • When you sign up we will begin mining for you within 30-minutes guaranteed! 
  • We guarantee 100% uptime or we will pay you 110% during ANY downtime 


I did a decent sized buy from ZoomHash recently and everything went really well. Great communication and no funny business. Just wanted to add my experience to the thread, good guys here. ~ quakefiend42

Without question one of the best sellers at the moment. ~ achtung082

As far as honesty goes Zoomhash is as honest as they come. Prices cant be beat either. ~ vabchgent

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We guarantee same day shipping from our warehouses in USA unlike our competitors that take 2-4 weeks to ship from Asia.For bulk orders contact us. We have sold over 1000 GPUs and ship internationally.


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