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The Handbook of T1-BOX (RockBox)


1. Hardware


2. Installation

1)Connect controller

  • Plug adapter cable in Controller;
  • Plug 3 PIN line in UART1;
  • Plug internet line in Controller;

2)Connect PSU

There are two 6PIN PCI-E interfaces on each board, you can plug in anyone of them randomly.

  • Miners concatenation

Every miner with one serial line as the picture-1 showed, you can use the line connect to another miner with the serial interface showed in picture-4.

Concatenation can be done for four miners, please pay attention to miners label, BE controller can only recognize different miners label which means, the boards named as the same number can’t be recognized by one controller at the same time.

Every miners’ boards named from 1-4(A) to 5-8(B),9-12(C),13-16(D), so, if you use one controller to run 4 miners, it has to be IFF by A-B-C-D,the same as 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16.

By the way, if you run TWO miners by one controller, can be A-B,A-C,A-D etc, if and only if they are in different numbers.

Mining settings

  • 1.Visit default IP :
  • 2.Click the “Setting” to open the default settings interface, just as follows:


  • 3.According to its own router parameters, modify the BE controller of the IP address, subnet mask, gateway (MASK) (Gatway), DNS and other parameters.

  • 4.Modify the mine pool according to their mineral pool parameters (Pool URL), port (Pool Port) and the miners (Pool name).

    • 5.Others setting can just following the default ones:

    • the Update/Restart,until you see "The parameters are updated! Rebooting...", that means setting successfully.

    • 7.Observing the BE controller lights.

    2 lights always on(picture-12),1 light flashes means that works(as below). If 2 lights always off while 1 light flashes, pls re-plug the Serial port.

    • 8.Click Statistics to view the current stress (shown as the 1 drag 2 scheme) after successful settings


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