What we offer

At ZoomHash we provide ASIC, GPU and Server Co-Location Hosting. We strive to be the best co-location and hosting company for your hardware. There are numerous benefits that accompany entrusting us with your ASICs, GPUs or Servers. For example, our proprietary mining software which allows us to be quicker and more effective at diagnosing any network issues, maximizing hashing performance and provides a top tier user interface to monitor your equipment and review our advanced error logs.

Our experienced technical staff is second to none and has been managing large scale mining and custom hosting operations for years. Please review our pricing plans below and don't be afraid to send us an inquiry with any questions!

Cryptomining Pricing

Starter Project

$$0.10 /kWh
  • 1-50 Units
  • 100% powered by sustainable energy
  • 24/7 Onsite and Video Security
  • Basic Support Included
  • Setup within 24 hours of receiving hardware

Professional Project

$$0.09 /kWh
  • 50-100 Units
  • Everything from “Starter Project”
  • 10 hours of Tier 1 support included
  • Setup within 24 hours of receiving hardware
  • Custom Cooling

Enterprise Project

$Contact Us
  • 100+ Units
  • Everything from “Starter and Professional”
  • 15 hours of Tier 2 Support Included
  • Custom Solutions for setup and pricing
  • Large capacity and competitive pricing

Server Co-Location Pricing

Rack SpaceIP SpaceNetworkDedicated AMPsStarting From50 TB Bandwidth Upgrade
Partial Cabinet (1-5U)/29 (5 Usable)I Gbps2 AMPs$69.99/mo.
Quarter Cabinet (10U)/29 (5 Usable)I Gbps10 AMPs$249.99/mo.
Half Cabinet (21U)/27 (29 Useable)I Gbps20 AMPs$350.99/mo.
Full Cabinet (42U)/26 (61 Usable)I Gbps40 AMPs$449.99/mo.


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