Basic Tier I: FREE w/ Hosting Plan!  

  • Miner Monitoring
  • Pool Changes
  • Physical Security During Business Hours
  • Client Notification of Maintenance Issues w/ Service Recommendations
  • Facility Located Hardware Insurance Coverage


Tier II:  

  • Soft Reboots
  • Hard Reboots
  • Compressed Air Cleaning
  • Fan Replacement
  • Miner Part Replacement
  • Factory Reset,
  • Firmware Re-Flash
  • RMA Service
  • Cable Replacement


Tier III:

  • Scripting
  • Under-Voting
  • Remote Reboots
  • Linux Tasks
  • Custom Reporting
  • Data Archiving w/ Output
  • Custom Access
  • Auxiliary Software Implementation

Tier IV:

  • Consulting (Software development and any other projects outside of standard maintenance services)


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