Zoomhash Advantage

100% Renewable Electricity

Located in the Pacific Northwest allows us to tap into the abundant and natural renewable hydroelectric energy. One of the biggest criticisms to date of data centers and cryptocurrency mining operations is that they place a strain on the environment. Your conscience can rest easy when you co-locate your equipment with ZOOMHASH!


99.5% Network Uptime

We know how important it is to have your miners and servers up and running no matter the circumstances. In order to account for that we’ve built in multiple redundancies to our network toensure that nothing stops your equipment from functioning. Network uptime is a cornerstone to a successful operation, and we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure you never have to worry about it.

24/7 Monitoring

We treat your assets like they are our own with 24/7 physical and video monitoring. We have around the clock security and surveillance to ensure your hardware is secure. We’re located in abeautiful town with an amazing community, but that doesn’t make us any less diligent and our security is second to none in the industry.


500,000 SqFt Operating Space

Whether you’re looking to rent out some rack space or send us hundreds of ASICs we have the space! With multiple locations throughout the Pacific Northwest we can accommodate any size project. At ZOOMHASH we’re constantly expanding, and our goal is to have our customers grow along side us.

Fully Insured

At ZOOMHASH we don’t just settle with extensive security, we’re also fully insured. Like any good business our facilities have full coverage so you can feel comfortable leaving your equipment in our hands. Should something occur that is beyond our control you can rest easy knowing us and your equipment are covered.


7+ years of operations

ZOOMHASH has been around for over seven years and we’ve accomplished a lot in that timeframe. We’ve grown from selling cable risers in Los Angeles to running enterprise level mining operations in the Pacific Northwest. Winners of Shopify’s 4th Build a Business competition in 2014 - https://news.shopify.com/shopify-announces-winners-of-4th-build-a-business-competition You can trust that we’re capable, experienced, and here for the long term.

Expert Support

We’ve been around for 7+ years and we get to flex that experience with our expert support. Our technicians have been working in the industry for years and handle a slew of tasks regarding your machines. From general maintenance and repair, cleaning, and even developing our own monitoring software we’re fully capable of handling all your requests. We have three levels of support, base support, tier 1 and tier 2


VPN Access

Secure access to our VPN will be provided when using our co-location services. Allowing you to have secure remote access to our network and your hardware 24/7 gives you the confidence needed to build and grow your operation with us.

Direct Cooling

With custom and direct cooling your hardware will operate at peak performance and extremely cold temperatures. The location of our facilities already gives us an advantage with beneficial weather, but with the addition of our direct cooling systems all hardware temperatures stay at ideal levels.


Equipment Management

From reboots and troubleshooting to air cleaning your hardware we provide the best service at ZOOMHASH because we care. We wouldn’t let our hardware suffer from higher temps from a lack of maintenance, so we ensure that your equipment is handled and managed with the same level of care and dedication.

Redundant IP

Should our default gateway fail rest assured that your equipment will not lose its connection. If ever a router or switch is down you have alternate routes to the internet to ensure that your server never stops spinning and your miners never stop mining.



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