The Indian State Government Helps Build A Blockchain District

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The Indian State Government Helps Build A Blockchain District

The government of Telangana, a state in south India is helping build a blockchain district with Mahindra, a multinational car manufacturing corporation. This blockchain district within the capital of Telangana will be dedicated to blockchain startup companies, and is the first district to be built around the blockchain industry within India.

India has a lot to learn and benefit from blockchain. Their economy has been in turmoil for quite some time now, and it is possible blockchain can help fix it. I think it is safe to say we all have a lot to learn from blockchain, and evidently it is happening right now. The world is opening eyes to the growing industry, and India wants to be a part of it. The blockchain district will be located in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana.

Tech giant Mahindra has already had their hands in blockchain, they have been working with overseas companies to bring blockchain solutions to India. Mahindra is even working with IBM to create a blockchain solution for supply chain finance, their mission is to create a cloud-based blockchain app to speed up invoice discounting. This blockchain solution is one of the first of it’s kind in India that does not have to do with general banking.



It is certainly India’s intention to green-light their blockchain industry. Andhra Pradesh signed an agreement, agreeing to fund the advancement of India’s blockchain ecosystem.

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