Washington state’s first wildlife highway over-crossing almost complete


Washington state’s first wildlife highway over-crossing almost complete

Washington state is now home to it’s first wildlife highway over-crossing, built to increase driver safety, reduce vehicle accidents, and allow wildlife to safely cross the interstate.

This is being built on I-90 east of Snoqualmie Pass and is almost complete.

The first half of the enormous I-90 project to rebuild one of the most difficult 15 mile stretches of the interstate. This project has been under construction for years, and is nearing a huge milestone. Part of the project’s funds are being invested into building the wildlife highway over-crossing for the surrounding habitat.

The entire project alone for rebuilding part of I-90 is a $551 million project, with some of the funds being directed towards the wildlife over-crossing. It will be North America’s largest wildlife over-crossing and is expecting to be open in October this year.

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