Crushing it: Stellar, Litecoin, Monero, & Zcash Post Major Gains as Crypto Market Rallies

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A few of the top 15 cryptocurrencies saw notable increases over the past twenty-four hours. Stellar saw a gain of 15% against the US dollar, with 22% of its volume being against USD or USD-pegged cryptocurrencies themselves – meaning these gains are realistic, not just figurative. Litecoin gained over 13% against the dollar while Monero jumped nearly 16%, and Zcash was hot on its heels.

Stellar Price up 15%

Stellar (XLM) price is up 15% against the dollar, with a 3% gain in Bitcoin valuation, over the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency saw a 24-hour volume of almost $100 million in trading, with a gain in overall market capitalization roughly equal to that.

According to CoinMarketCap, trading against USDT accounted for roughly almost 22% across twelve markets. Notably, the most trading in a single pair happened at an exchange outside of Binance — namely, Exrates, — although overall trading did have a plurality at Binance with 18% between XLM/BTC and XLM/USDT.

Litecoin Price up 13%

Litecoin price seems to have begun to pick up around 22:00 CST last night, with an initial sell-off worth about 20,000 Satoshis per token happening for the next couple of hours. A simultaneous price-rise in Bitcoin actually meant the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency rose during this same period. Then, around 1:45 AM CST, demand seems to have to picked up and the price was on the rise yet again with 13% increase on the LTC/USD pair.

Litecoin only recovered about half its BTC value in the rebound trading, but in terms of USD it saw a significant increase. Overall volume was about $500 million over the entire 24 hour period, with more than $150 million of that having been done against USDT. Trading against PAX and USDC combined was less than $100,000.

Monero Price up $8

Privacy coin Monero, which has a small infinite inflation and a current supply of about 16.6 million, gained roughly $8 in US dollars over the 24-hour period, with $20 million traded across all exchanges and pairs.

The vast majority of Monero trading – 94% – took place on Korea’s Bithumb against the Korean Won. XMR/KRW was the was the second most active market on the exchange over 24 hours, during which period it traded nearly $2 billion overall.

Zcash Price up 16%

The Zcash (ZEC) chart is perhaps the most interesting of the bunch, with a 24-hour simultaneous rise in both market capitalization and USD price, but a drop in actual BTC-per-token valuation.

zcash price
ZEC/USD | Binance

The price wound up around $11 higher than it was 24 hours previous to 8:00 AM CST, gaining around $64 million in overall market capitalization, with more than 30% of its trading happening in the Ether market at an exchange called Lbank, and another 8% of the total volume happening at the same exchange against BTC. Another 22% of the volume happened at the same exchange as the most Monero trading, Bithumb, also against KRW. Thus a total of 60% of the ZEC volume happened in three currencies on two markets.

USDT trading of ZEC accounted for just over $20 million of the total $198 million volume, with the majority of that also happening at Lbank – that single pair making up nearly 5% of the overall volume. Collectively, Lbank accounted for $118 million of the 24-hour volume on ZEC.

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