Ethereum Parity Client Had Major Upgrade – v2.0.0-beta

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Ethereum Parity client had a major upgrade, to version v2.0.0-beta. The first version of the v2 series of releases.

In June, a major vulnerability in Parity was patched, the vulnerability being a consensus issue that could have affected almost one third of the Ethereum network. One big step for mankind! If this flaw would have gone unnoticed, Ethereum users would have had a chain split on their wallets, and been denied on any further transaction on the blockchain.
As the ecosystem of Ethereum evolves, it will be crucial to stay on top of the ever growing network and it’s applications, paying close attention to any potential flaws or faults. We must have a lot of confidence in the community developing in and around the Ethereum network, these people are pushing the boundaries for technology right now and need the communities support.
In support of the Ethereum community, Parity has decided to include Ethereum in the name, as “Parity Ethereum”! It is great to see the collaboration of the various players under the network.
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